Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Artists I'm stoked on recently

Martine Johanna. I really like her style and the fact that she likes to draw girls and people just as much as I do, except a hundred times better.

Here's Kelsey Brookes..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Drawings from Personal Circles

The show's concept was to have the other illustrators and I make simple drawings of things around us with a caption- like a diary- hence the name 'Personal Circles'.

These are some friends that skate at a local park in Osaka known as Triangle Park. It's a place where most people just meet up, hang out, drink beer, skate, and have a good time.

Dirty South of Osaka

This is typically what's consumed over the weekend. My mom must be proud.

One of my toys. Simple and fun.

Another one of my toys. Initially it was stolen from my mom but she ended up not caring and gave it to me as a gift.

She came into my dreams one night. Sitting by me on my bed she looked in to my eyes and said, "I want everything." For a moment I tried to figure what she meant by everything. Realized that it didn't matter, I looked back and told her, "I'd give it."

My work area.

My rest area. Back to back to my rest area.

Felt like doing water colors.

My friends from the park told me he lost his mind by doing too much drugs. Now he is homeless and living in Triangle Park. He used to be a DJ.

The other hand that gets the slack.

When I get bored. I draw girls.

I was flipping through my momi.ero photo book shot by YasumasaYonehara. Should be fun having his job.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Personal Circles Reception Party

Great thanks to all that showed up to our Personal Circles exhibition! Special thanks to the good people at OOO- Duncan, Tetsuya-san (http://www.outofoffice.jp), Sumiya-san and iTohen staff (http://www.skky.info/) for inviting me to join this show and did such an amazing job organizing the whole event.

The piece in the middle here is the only one of Mugi's work I have in my photo collection. I forgot to take pictures Mugi-san's pieces and I'm totally kicking myself for it because I really like her work. Good thing she has a website! http://www.mugiko.com/
Look her up on youtube as well. She does some neat animations with her drawings.


Takeda-san and Duncan. Duncan stoked on his gifts from Hiroshima.

This micro brew's name is Navy's Beer.

Takeda-san's wall.


My wall

Friday, October 9, 2009

Personal Circles

Currently working on a group show with four other artists based outside of Japan. This exhibition is called Personal Circles where each of us will have 20-30 single color drawings of our own little world. The show will be held from November 4th to 15th in Itohen Gallery Cafe and Books, Osaka. Photos will be posted after the show ends. Stayed tuned, folks!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Drawing with good music is like a tasty sandwich to me.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Art in Osaka

I can't get over the fact that all the art attention in Japan is paid to Tokyo while Osaka is filled with talented people and fresh galleries. The money is spent to have great events and venues in the city but yet it is hardly noticed. Osaka is well over-looked and really shouldn't be. I learned many facts about art in Osaka since I met my friend, Duncan, who share similar thoughts as me. Except he took it in action and he is mapping all the galleries and events in Osaka. To add to that, he posts the local beers and restaurants he finds. Topping off all that goodness, he even started a free bi-monthly art guide of Osaka for foreigners in Japan. FLAG-which stands for Foreigner's Live Art Guide is the name of the guide. Pick one up or go check out his blog http://tsunagarid.blogspot.com/. See for yourself. Really beneficial to anyone who wants to what's going on in the city of Osaka. Contents are both in English and Japanese! Stay up! Don't sleep on Osaka!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hi all, it's been a while since my last post. Been busy with moving, my new home, new job, and general hustling.

This my first fashion illustration project which I have just recently finished. Done for Japanese surf clothing company, TMO's coming catalogue.

Hope you like it and if you got any, your comments are much appreciated :)

(click for larger image)

Detail 1

and 2

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Personal Art Show - Vorld

This was an art show I did with my friend, Ephka www.ephka.com. It was called Vorld- as in Vagina World. We believe the provocative subject is the true creator and destructor of life. It effects all forms of life. It creates love, hate, conflictand peace. It devours and spits you out...

With the help of friends, Ephka and I got to complete the monster on time. Doing this show was really fun. Looking forward to the next one. The show was shown in the gallery space of Chickennot in Kyoto City http://chickennot.jp. Thanks to Taito san for the generous hook up!

Here are my paintings for the show...

A few girls laying in my sketchbook