Monday, November 16, 2009

Personal Circles Reception Party

Great thanks to all that showed up to our Personal Circles exhibition! Special thanks to the good people at OOO- Duncan, Tetsuya-san (, Sumiya-san and iTohen staff ( for inviting me to join this show and did such an amazing job organizing the whole event.

The piece in the middle here is the only one of Mugi's work I have in my photo collection. I forgot to take pictures Mugi-san's pieces and I'm totally kicking myself for it because I really like her work. Good thing she has a website!
Look her up on youtube as well. She does some neat animations with her drawings.


Takeda-san and Duncan. Duncan stoked on his gifts from Hiroshima.

This micro brew's name is Navy's Beer.

Takeda-san's wall.


My wall

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  1. yeah man sweet ! I wish I could trade lives with you ...... having a par-tay here on Sat - wish y'all were here !