Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

Graphics for 2nd Round

I have been asked to do illustrations for 2nd Round, a company from Korea who make cycling accessories. The art will be printed on arm coolers. I will be posting the colored, finished version soon.

こちらは韓国からサイクリング用品つくるの会社 2nd Roundの為にイラストしました。アームクーラーに付けります。完成の作品は色をかけます。それは、すぐポストします。

Illustration for FLAG

An illustration I did for FLAG.  A free art guide for locals and foreigners in Osaka.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Album Art for Matt Brevner

My boy, the original emcee and producer, Matt Brevner asked me to do the art for his next album, Eclectricity. This is what I came up with for the front so far..

Here's stage one of the sketch.. Yeah, I know, it's crappy. Heh..

2, cleaned up

3, colored and digitized

Matt has not decided his track names yet therefore the album art can yet be completed. He and I were quite happy with this so I was excited to post this up. So the final product is still to come.

Make sure you go check out Matt's music.

One of my favorite songs by Matt..  Never gonna be my friend ft. Fembot - UNSIGNED -  by  Brevner

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meets Region

I've picked up a new job doing illustration for Meets Region, an Osaka monthly magazine that mainly talks about food and recommends places to eat. Inside of it there is an 14 page black and white section under the title Meets Culture. It covers recent gallery shows, music, books, comics, games, film, etc.. culture stuff. I illustrate for one of the columns inside where my client interviews people who he finds interesting. For example, this person http://www.artscape.ne.jp/artscape/blogs/blog2/2009/10/_baikado.html who built a gallery/workshop by the river in an old factory house with his own bare hands or this person http://notpillar.com/ who runs an online bookstore mainly focused on art books and zines from all over the world to the person responsible for this project http://hanareproject.net/. Pretty rad stuff. My client lets me do anything I want for it and can be or not related to the contents of the column as long as it my style.

Here's the first month..